Evolutions + auctions 🧪

Uses of $HOWL We want to provide many uses of our token so the value of it can mantain for a long time.
1.- 1/1 Auctions We will be conducting 1/1 actions, of photos of real life pieces. This auctions are gonna be with $HOWL, so in order to participate, you'll have to get our token, this way we can add more value from investors to it. And you'll be able to claim your real life piece for a fixed rate of $HOWL. This will include shipping worldwide, and any other cost related.
2.- Upgrading your Owlsomes. Using the $HOWL token to evolve your Owl will be a key part of our roadmap, the final design of the upgraded Owl is not finished yet but since we're part inspired on pokemon you can have a guess.
3.- Slot machine! More info on following pages.
Owl evolved.