Nft gallery 🎨

Web 3 gallery nft.
We're developing a nft "gallery" different from the other you already know as "solsteads" or similar.
How it will work? We will make a special mint for Owlsomes holders, where you'll be able to get a "gallery" for your owls, using $HOWL, this gallery will contain the nft's your holding at that moment. On our website, there will be a section to merge your "gallery" with the owls you have, let's use this image as an example. This would be yours.
Empty gallery
And let's say you have this 3 bad boys.
Badboy No 1
Badboy No 2
Badboy No 3
With all of this, now you'll be able to combine them spending $HOWL as a fee, in our website you will see a section to do so, you just need at least 1 gallery, and 1 owl, the order and position of how they'll be on the combined image, will be random. And just to clarify, you won't get a new nft, the gallery will update its image and metadata to whatever you have on your wallet. This for example:
Gallery (updated)
And there you have it. The gallery will be png at the moment, but we will upgrade it to be a gif just like the original owls.