Lore 📃

This is just the beginning.
Long time ago a race of powerful beings known as "The Bouyants" were dedicated to protect some powerful gems that bring balance to their planet. These guardians of the gems were incredibly chill and happy to share their culture. One day they discovered the existence of a cute but incredibly powerful breed of Owls while they were exploring a new region recently discovered by their people (Pyramids and ancient temple aesthetics). These Owls had a highly advanced intellect, due to their abilities they decided to call them “Owlsomes” and became friends immediately. Both races were the complete opposite of each other in terms of culture, while the Bouyants were more relaxed and funny with their culture, the Owls were highly strict and serious about their traditions.
But they were going to experience the rise of a mysterious enemy…
It first started with some incursions through earthquakes, but then they started to appear, they were raccoons, with really advanced technology, looking to steal some of the gems the Bouyants protect. Which separated can bring chaos and power to those who held them. They Finally achieved stealing two gems, the anger and heart gems, causing earthquakes and catastrophes around all the Bouyants and Owlsomes villages. Then the Bouyants rushed their own way to find them, when they got ambushed and captured by the precise technology of the Racoons now known as the “Ravagers” which was capable of disabling the power and abilities the Bouyant Fairies have. With the Bouyants captured, the Owlsomes came into the rescue and managed to defeat the Ravagers pretty easily, confining them to live underground, rescuing the Bouyant Fairies and bringing the gems to a new safe place.
It has been 1000 years since that catastrophe occurred, Bouyants through their generations lost power meanwhile Owlsomes gained power and knowledgement, but even though the tradition still remains, Bouyants try to always protect their eternal friends, The Owlsomes.
But… something evil is about to rise up again…